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Uniqueness - the new stardard for attracting and keeping customers
At Maxpro Inc. the sole mission is to help sales people, sales organizations, customer service teams and businesses thrive in the new economy. 

'Uniqueness' is the new standard for success.  Unique in everything thing we do.  In a world where everybody sounds the same, delivers the same "sales pitch" companies seem the same, their brands, ttheir message, their sales people, their pricing, their customer service - it's just like everybody else.

Websters dictionary defines "Like" as of the same form, appearnace or kind, bearing resemblance.  Whether you are a sales professional, a marketing guru, customer service executuve or a company or organization - of that describes you thenn get in line and prepare to struggle.  Like is a ifrst class ticket to mediocrity.

Unique is defined as; existing as the only one, the sole example, solitary in type and characteristics.  Having no like or equal, unparalleled, incomparable.  

Every business wnats to stand out - to be different.  Sales people are struggling to differentiate - there is is the top 20% and then there is everybody else.   Those is job transition - it seems harder and harder to "get the job".   How do you stand out - whta makes you Unique?  That is what we do.  We help people and companies discover and engage their Uniqueness.

Our Mission - To help people and companies to discover their Uniqueness and convey it to the world in a way that is authentic.

We Believe - Unique in your thinking, Unique in your message, Unique in your tactics separates you but it only matters if you are Unique in your actions and your deeds.  Then Uniqiness in your sales team, your message and your operations team really delivers a customer expereince at each stage of the realtionship.  You BEGIN having inspired authenticity that customers feel, they believe and begin to trust.  That is what attracts and keeps great customers.  That is what inspres employees and customers a like.

Is your company struggling to get new appointments and customers?

Are your sales people really telling your message Uniquely?

Is your message really Unique?

Are you sales tactics Unique or just like everybody else?

Are your sales people inspired by your uniquness- YOUR VALUE?

Does your support staff/customer service really know the mission?

Do they really know the trust a customer places in your brand?

Does your team really know what the customer really wants?  A great experience and the feeling that they are made a great decision.

Is your customer service really unique?

Does your support team know what your sales team tells your customers of their importance?


Darren and his strategic partners focus on all things that make you UNIQUE.   

Unique in prospecting and cold calling
Unique in their message 
Unique in your tactics
Unique in your service
Unique in your value
Unique in your understanding of what your customers really want
Unique in that your team really knows the mission ansd really knows the message - that is what inspires.

We believe that to double your sales you must double the value for your customer and give them an exceptional experience.  That is why you are in business - nobody gets into sales or business to deliver an average experience, a poort customer service or product.  Let us help you drive more appointments, more customers, much higher sales, much improved message and an inspired team who really knows the mission and does everything in their power to help your customers experience it.

"We think in pictures! 
Everything we do is to think differently and now more than ever you must think differently if you really want your business to stand out - be Unique.  Change must be an inside out approach. 
"People don't know what they don't know"


"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we wereat when we created them."
Albert Einstein


"Life stores the finer things on the higher shelves. If you want to reach the things on the higher shelves then you have to stand on the books you read."
Earl Shoaff
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